Wellsprings of Life Christian Church

Welcome to Wellsprings of Life! We are a bible believing, non-denominational christian church located in the heart of Missoula, Montana. The church was established as a result of the Holy Spirit drawing hungry hearts in the city of Missoula. Pastor Bernardo was asked to give a conference in Missoula in December of 2010. He was invited afterward to become the pastor. He felt the invitation was something the Lord had prepared and moved with his family to the area. We are living exciting and difficult times! Our nation is in urgent need of prayer and a for a move of God. One of our main burdens of our church is to bring our nation and it’s leadership to the Lord in prayer every week. Our nation needs prayer! If your heart is hungering for more of the Lord and you are longing for God’s precious touch, then let us seek times of refreshing from the Lord together. Our prayer is that as you come to seek God’s presence that your spirit will be refreshed while you worship and praise and receive the preaching of God’s word. May the Lord find us seeking Him with all of our hearts and in full expectation of the day of His glorious appearing draws near. We welcome you to Wellsprings of Life!

God's Voice Lesson 3 It is  easy for  to reject the voice of God when it comes and speaks to us in such a simple way. Our God is infinitely humble.    View more
God's Voice Lesson 2    Before sin God’s voice was that pleasing and gratifying voice heard in the garden and Adam loved it. He and Eve shared in that wonderful communion. This was the will of God that the spirit of Man understood  the ways of God and understandood His... View more
God's Voice Lesson 1 This is one of those subjects that is important to us because we must learn to hear the voice of God. And in hearing his voice we must obey. Many Christians live without having the knowledge that he is  a Christ himself is called the WORD, and he is... View more